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We’re not into the perfectly made or the mass produced – it’s about high end true craft, slightly imperfect, timeless and originally designed… that special something that is only found at the show.



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KAMERS 2016 Cape Town, 1-5 June at the Castle - www.kamersvol.com - Photo by Lauren Kim KAMERS 2016 Cape Town Part 2 - It’s the last day of #KAMERS2016 Cape Town and we can hardly believe it all ends today at 15:00. Yesterday was an incredible day at the Castle, with over 4000 people streaming through the historic gates, pushing the visitor total for the week so far over 8000. When people come from far and wide to […]
Blog1-Feat KAMERS 2016 Cape Town Part 1 - This week has been such a beautiful experience at the third KAMERS Cape Town. Over 4000 visitors streamed to the historic Castle for creative inspiration, delicious food and drinks in all shapes and flavours, and of course some of the coolest stuff you’ve never seen. With over a 100 SA maker-entrepreneurs, handpicked for their creative […]
Short and Curly's at KAMERS 2016 Cape Town, 1-5 June - www.kamersvol.com KAMERS Makers: Short and Curly’s, a story of destiny… and ice cream. - “Ice cream formed from liquid right before your eyes, curled into the most perfect mouth watering scrolls with bits of caramel fudge, toffee popcorn or lemon meringue sticking out in a delicious tease.” It sounds like destiny, doesn’t it? They are called Short & Curly’s, and they are indeed something special: handcrafted designer ice cream, […]
Scarab Beatle jewellery by Anna Rosholt at KAMERS Cape Town - buy online at shop.kamersvol.com KAMERS Makers: Anna Rosholt – Opulent Jewellery, Ancient Roots - Dung beetles. It might seem like an unlikely creature to have inspired a unique and opulent jewellery range, but Anna Rosholt is one of those artists who are able to open your eyes to the beauty in the simplest of things. She has turned a humble creature into a profound symbol of African luxury, and […]
CT-music-2016-Feat Live Music at KAMERS Autumn 2016 Cape Town - For the next edition of KAMERS Autumn 2016 we are heading back to the historic Castle of Good Hope where our first Cape Town show was introduced three years ago. Not only do we get to showcase the coolest things you’ve never seen, but we get to do it in the newly renovated building. And of […]


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