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We’re not into the perfectly made or the mass produced – it’s about high end true craft, slightly imperfect, timeless and originally designed… that special something that is only found at the show.



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KAMERS/Makers 2018: Our Year of the Open Hand - 2018 is our “Year Of The Open Hand.” Because we truly believe that is the KAMERS/Makers difference. We’re all about the handcrafted… Each of our shows is “handmade” in the sense that every show offers something different. To that end we unveil two brand new venues for our Autumn Shows – St Joseph’s Marist College […]
KAMERS/Makers 2017 Irene Part 1 - It’s been a busy few days at KAMERS/Makers Irene right from the get go. With close to 500 happy shoppers supporting our Special Opening Night in aid of MAD Leadership Foundation on Monday the show was off to a fantastic start. Since then we have passed 6000 visitors and the weekend still lies ahead. It’s […]
The Coolest Kiddies’ Stuff at KAMERS/Makers Irene - From tiny bow ties and little dresses cut from African wax cloth, to hand-carved toys and cuddly knitted blankets, children will love KAMERS/Makers as much as the adults do.
Turn up the textures at KAMERS/Makers Irene - ‘Tis the season to revel in beautiful things, and what better way to enjoy them than by paying tribute to the materials they are made from? Here are just a few KAMERS Makers using unique mediums to create outstanding pieces on show at KAMERS/Makers 2017 Irene from 4-10 December in Pretoria. Ceramic Let Dayfeels ceramics sweep […]
KAMERS/Makers 2017 Stellenbosch Part 2 - Throwback to three weeks ago when we were having the best time at Anura Vineyards for KAMERS/Makers 2017 Stellenbosch! After the show our team dove straight back into prep for KAMERS/Makers 2017 Irene, Pretoria, which kicks off with a special opening night in aid of Make A Difference Leadership Foundation on 4 December. In between […]
Natural Talent at KAMERS/Makers This Summer - South Africa really does have a lot of creative talent. A large portion of that talent is convening right now in Stellenbosch for KAMERS/Makers and will soon be at our Irene show from 4 – 10 December too. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss out.
Talking Piloxing with Tania Ndlovu at KAMERS/Makers Stellenbosch - It’s dancing… it’s boxing… it’s pilates – all in one amazing mix. KAMERS/Makers co-owner and COO, Magdel Kemp, discovered Piloxing in the small Boland town of Wellington when she met Tania Ndlovu. Piloxing has so transformed these women that they are now teaming up to bring it to KAMERS/Makers Stellenbosch on Friday 3 November. Magdel interviewed […]


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