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We’re not into the perfectly made or the mass produced – it’s about high end true craft, slightly imperfect, timeless and originally designed… that special something that is only found at the show.



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Louise de Nysschen of Harvey Max bow ties and suspenders at KAMERS/Makers - www.kamers.co.za Celebrating Strong & Diverse Women: Louise de Nysschen, Business Owner - For our last Women’s Day story, we asked Louise de Nysschen what being a woman and business owner means to her. Here’s what the founder of Harvey Max had to say – in between making grooms all over SA look extra stylish with their trendy bow ties and suspenders: Being a woman is being both compassionate and strong. I […]
Morongwe Mokone, Origami Artist Celebrating Strong & Diverse Women: Morongwe Mokone, Origami Artist - In our second last Women’s Day story, we celebrate what being a woman and business owner means to Morongwe Mokone. Mo, as we know her at KAMERS/Makers, is the dynamic origami artist behind origami.is.me, who makes all those colourful swans that have been such a hit at our Gauteng shows the past year. Being a woman […]
Christine & Louiza from Oh-lief body products - KAMERS/Makers Celebrating Strong & Diverse Women: Christine Buchanan, Business Owner - In the next of our inspiring Women’s Day stories, Christine Buchanan, who co-founded Oh-lief along with her sister, Louiza Rademan, shares her keys to being a successful woman in the business world: For me being a woman means being independent, capable and strong. Being Independent: As an entrepreneur independence can sometimes be difficult to achieve, as you are […]
Connie - Jabu's Frames at KAMERS/Makers Celebrating Strong & Diverse Women: Connie Cebekulu, Business Owner - We continue our series of stories from inspiring women, as we celebrate Women’s Day this week. Connie Cebekulu, business owner at Jabu’s Frames, shares the impact being a business woman has had on her life: Being a business woman and having a family to take care of at the end of each business day… it’s not so easy. But as […]
Magdel Kemp & Wanda du Toit, KAMERS/Makers co-owners Celebrating Strong & Diverse Women: Wanda du Toit & Magdel Kemp, KAMERS/Makers Owners - Happy Women’s Day, South Africa! This week we are celebrating strong and inspiring women from various walks of life. Business women, mothers, trendsetters… these ladies inspire us. Today we chat with our very own Wanda du Toit and Magdel Kemp, KAMERS/Makers Business Owners and two strong women with such diverse talents, who lead us in […]


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