Mischa’s Heart is Filled With Glitter

Mischa is a Sunday morning sound. You would have heard her and, like us, probably fallen in love with her voice in our Summer 2015 kykNET ad.

Mischa Heart Full of Glitter - www.kamersvol.com

This Capetonian singer-songwriter has been singing since as far back as she can remember. She describes music as a place of solace from the rush of everyday life and a way of expressing the thoughts that are most difficult to express.

Mischa has been known to share her talents at many a birthday party or wedding and her versatility helps make these occasions truly special.

She has just released her debut EP, Heart Full of Glitter. By now you know we love supporting young talent, whether it be designers, crafters or musos, so listen to her EP or get your hands on it here. Of course Drifter is our favourite and now we can all enjoy the full track!

Mischa Heart Full of Glitter EP cover - www.kamersvol.com

Listen to Mischa in our vibrant KAMERS Summer 2015 kykNET ad:

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