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Possibly SA’s most perfectly named village, Darling – near Cape Town – is all about butter. Long the centre of the Cape’s dairy farming, it’s also reincarnated itself as something of an arty, antiquey, theatrical mecca, helped in no small part by the escape to it’s bucolic hills of Pieter Dirk Uys some years ago now.

When Frits van Ryneveld and Hentie van der Merwe met some years ago, there was an immediate chemistry… far more, it turned out, than even they realized. Having become partners in life, Hentie’s passion for food and Frits’ for quality and design soon sparked the dream of an entrepreneurial partnership.

Darling Sweet - KAMERS Blog - kamers.co.za

Frits, long time Darling resident and antiques dealer, had long felt that Darling, as the butter capital of the Cape, should be producing a peerless, old-fashioned toffee. 

Artist, lecturer and trained chef, Hentie seized the idea and embarked on an alchemic journey  into the time-worn art of toffee-making. After countless days unearthing long-forgotten recipes and long nights ‘treacle-ising’ every utensil in their kitchen, Darling Sweet was born.

True to their initial vision, the boys created old-English style toffees, their flavours honouring Darling and its surrounds with as many local ingredients as possible… and NO preservatives added!

Darling Sweet - KAMERS Blog - kamers.co.za

Their current range offers seven tongue-tangling delights:

  • Tannie Evita’s Classic Toffee – old-English butter toffee – with part of the sale of each 150g packet donated Pieter Dirk Uys’ Darling Trust charity
  • Honey & Salt Toffee – the crunch of Velddrif fleur-de-sel mixed with rich butter-caramel toffee infused with raw Veldflower honey from the Cape Coastal region.
  • Sour Fig Toffee – an ancient Khoisan delicacy, the tang of wild sour fig beautifully offsets the butter-caramel toffee
  • Red Wine & Chocolate Toffee – the rich, spicy aromas of local red wine fuses with the decadence of roasted cocoa nibs in a deep and mysterious butter-caramel toffee
  • Orange & Pomegranate Toffee – tantalizing pomegranate combined with bitter-sweet orange to compliment a rich butter-caramel toffee
  • Liquorice Toffee – an addictive combination of premium liquorice and butter-caramel toffee
  • Ormonde Wines Toffee – the aromatic flavours of the Ormonde wines, reflecting the terroir of the Darling region in cultivar, character and style, infused into sumptuous butter-caramel toffee

Darling Sweet - KAMERS Blog - kamers.co.za

Darling Sweet is a true feel-good business – with their packaging only made from recycled paper and even the cellophane wrap, coming from biodegradable material. As with all KAMERS Makers, the ‘Sweeties’ products are all hand-made, creating much-needed skilled jobs in their small community… from just two toffee-twisters in 2014 to thirteen at last count!  

If you haven’t wrapped your tongue around a Darling Sweet… you haven’t lived. Try it at KAMERS this Autumn, sponsored by Absa.

Darling Sweet - KAMERS Blog - kamers.co.za

Photos: Carla Correia, Darling Sweet

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