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Notation design and create furniture and décor from scratch. They are all about the finer details, named as it is for the tiny, often scribbled, but always vitally important, notes on architects’ drawings and design layouts.

Because, for the four fast friends – Estian Fourie, Jenny Armour, Mary-Jean Treloar and Lindy van den Berg – who formed the company just a few years ago, it’s these inspired notes, innovations and last minute inspirations that give the extra insights, detail and precision that make any creative project truly great.

That… and plentiful amounts of good food and great wine!

Notation - KAMERS Blog - kamers.co.za

Their collaboration began far from any fine detail… with a bag of leftover concrete abandoned as surplus after some home alterations. The four had ploughed through endless hours of debate (and pasta… and wine) about what makes the kinds of objects they would most like to have in their own homes.

They’d found common ground in that all wished to find a way to create inspired designs that looked good and worked well, but at a price the average person could afford.

Now they had one sack of concrete… and bags of ideas.

Notation - KAMERS Blog - kamers.co.za

They began to get their hands dirty and early in 2015, the first Notation designs began to take shape.

Every Notation piece is designed and created entirely from scratch, and by hand. Having been friends all their lives, the four have an instinctive connection and easy rapport, allowing ideas to slowly coalesce through dog-walks, concrete mixing sessions… and, yes, cooking and wine tasting!

Ideas are (literally!) tossed onto the table, sketches are scribbled… scrapped… redrawn, materials are discussed and then the craft begins. One or more of the partners takes the lead on actually translating the agreed design into reality.

Notation - KAMERS Blog - kamers.co.za

So begins the mixing and pouring the perfect concrete mix (itself the fruit of countless hours and tons of strange shapes!), the fine-sanding a piece of wood to its ideal shape and texture, the honing of a particular sweep of steel into the perfect curve…

This could take just weeks, or sometimes months – with numerous co-lab discussions (and food and wine!) along the way… but the results, as you can see, are most certainly worth the wait!

Don’t miss Notation at KAMERS 2016 Joburg, 20-24 April, sponsored by Absa.

Notation - KAMERS Blog - kamers.co.za

Photos: Charl du Preez (Styled by Nicky Myburgh), Notation

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