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When Stella Ciolli decided to name her natural skincare company SKOON. (and yes, the fullstop is part of the name!), it was done with great care and thought. This mom of three is a firm believer in the healing and sustaining power of nature – and particularly, our duty to nurture it in return.

SKOON. is all about simplicity and natural purity. Stella started out with just a single product, made from Rosehip oil and named Oil of Eve. This has inspired an entire range of locally made, organic, naturally derived and naturally identical skincare products.

Proudly South African (and befitting its roots in the richest botanical region on earth) much of the range uses indigenous botanical extracts. These are carefully fused with active ingredients proven in clinical studies and always chosen for their minimal environmental impact.

And that’s what makes SKOON. a breath of fresh air: the beauty business is increasingly driven by complex chemistry in sterile labs, producing potions often tested on animals before massive marketing engines thrust them onto customers. In happy contrast, this homegrown company is sensitively creating products for people who simply want to look and feel a little better.


This gets Stella’s blood boiling and is what SKOON. is out to change. Her chemist-guru, Victor Berowsky puts it this way:

“After decades researching natural and organic skincare, I am completely convinced that the ‘perfect formula’ is a blend of natural ingredients, compatible scientific research and impeccable work ethics.”

SKOON autumn range

The combination of Victor’s rigorous scientific knowledge and Stella’s vision for kinder, more natural options makes for a dream team. And the best part is that Stella has created a range of products that you can safely mix and match for a combination that best suits your skin.

“Every day is different,” says Stella, “and I believe every woman instinctively knows her own skin. SKOON. lets you tailor your own solutions until you find what feels right for your skin, rather than some pre-packaged brand bundle.”

As for trading at KAMERS/Makers, Stella loves the combination of vibrant ambience and inquisitive shoppers. For her, it has been the perfect place to introduce a new brand such as SKOON.

As busy as her KAMERS/Makers stand has been, it hasn’t prevented her from sniffing out some of the other exquisite handmade products on show:

“My best moment: I bought a pair of Anna Rosholt’s beautiful scarab earrings that I simply adore and wear everyday,” she says.

Skoon. at KAMERS/Makers 2016 Joburg - Photo by Lauren Kim

Stella (left) at her SKOON. stand at KAMERS/Makers Joburg 2016.

Photos: SKOON., Lauren Kim

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