KAMERS Makers: +NESS Capturing the Essence of City Scenes

Meet the KAMERS Makers: +NESS - www.kamers.co.za

The modern city can be an overwhelming place. The noise, the bewildering bustle and movement all around. But what if our familiar city scenes were snatched up out of their concrete habitat and placed in a different one – perhaps in the quiet of a white canvas? Would we discover a new connectedness with our everyday spaces?

+NESS is an art collaboration between architects Max Melvill and Jamil Randera, who endeavour to explore our deep relationships with the buildings around us. They have succeeded in creating beauty that resonates with the modern soul – turning noise-filled city scenes into serene and thought-filled works of art.

Beach House at St James and Clock Tower at V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, by +NESS - at KAMERS/Makers 2016 - www.kamers.co.za

Significant buildings around the world are chosen and matched with unique colour schemes and details, drawing out their essence (or +NESS). Apart from representing the +NESS of each individual structure, the designs also form part of a collective body of work illustrating the souls of our cities. The 200mm x 200mm archival artworks are sold individually as 1/100 prints.

+NESS at KAMERS/Makers - Jozi Orlando Towers framed - www.kamers.co.za

The +NESS story developed in a very natural way – much like the cities we inhabit. Max and Jamil started making prints as part of a fund-raising initiative for a research trip to Iran.

“We wanted to somehow combine our skills as architects with our love of cities to create a product people could relate to, understand, and appreciate,” Max says.

The passion these architects have for city spaces is truly infectious and invites us to look at our everyday environment in a more affectionate way. They have found a delightful balance between their knowledge as architects and their skills as artists. In the future, they hope to be creating +NESS prints of buildings they have designed and built themselves.

+NESS Mixed Frames+NESS House Scene

With their first KAMERS/Makers show coming up, +NESS is sure to not only appeal to the senses with the pure aesthetic value of their work, but also the ways it navigates our thoughts through the cities we call home.

+NESS makes their debut at KAMERS/Makers 2016 Joburg, 28 Sept – 2 Oct at The Galleria, Sandton.

UPDATE: Also look out for new designs from +NESS at our autumn 2017 shows in Joburg and Cape Town, like their version of our scenic St John’s College venue below.

Photos: +NESS

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