6 Artistic KAMERS Makers to See in Stellenbosch

Walter Battiss earrings from By Nanette at KAMERS/Makers Stellenbosch 2016 - www.kamers.co.za

There is something wonderful about an object that’s been lovingly made by hand. In many cases, these pieces are the wearable, everyday artworks that turn daily drudgery into something beautiful. They’re a reminder that the results of human imagination is nothing short of a miracle; something that should be treasured and shared. Make sure you pay a visit to our upcoming Stellenbosch show happening at Anura from 1 – 6 November to get your fill of this kind of creativity:

Battiss transformed into jewels

Esteemed South African fine artist Walter Battiss has inspired a range of exquisite handmade jewellery created by Stellenbosch jeweller Nanette Veldsman of By Nanette. The abstract forms by Battiss are embodied in sterling silver, enamelling and precious stones as earrings and pendants. We adore this Girl with Rope pendant inspired by Battiss’s artwork of the same name. Also look out for official Battiss prints at Nanette’s KAMERS/Makers Stellenbosch stand.

Walter Battiss, Girl on a Rope, By Nanette

Illustrations through 2017

Letterpress printing company Essie Letterpress has always designed and pressed beautiful stationary, be it thank you cards or simply a notepad for your to-do lists. More recently, this husband and wife team collaborated with local illustrators to create a 2017 almanac featuring a specially designed artwork by an artist for each month of the year. We’re thrilled to have them back at the Stellenbosch show, but if you can’t make it you can still get this exceptional calendar and more in the KAMERS Online Marketplace.

Lady in the water . The end is in sight #artistsalmanac #letterpress #illustrationdaily by @dayfeels

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You have to see it in action to really appreciate it:

Fresh flowers with a difference

Who isn’t fond of a beautifully arranged bunch of flowers? Flowers in the Foyer offers “creations inspired by nature” and when you have had the privilege of seeing one of these creations, you’ll know why their work is so sought after. Come along to see what arrangements they’re doing for the summer season and get yourself a bunch of flowers and other pretty treasures while you’re there.

Flowers in the Foyer

Artful glass creations

For something a little different, be sure to take a look at CReations Fused Glass Jewellery. Each carefully handmade pendant, earring and ring is given special attention, resulting in a striking range of different colours, shapes and designs.

Creations Fused Glass Jewellery

Fashion for you

There’s nothing better than being able to answer a question about where you got a certain item of clothing with, “Oh this old thing? I bought it from a local designer – one of a kind. You won’t find them in any stores.” If you like the sound of that, then you’d better put FOUND. Collection on your list of makers to see at the Stellenbosch show.

FOUND. Collection Pastel floral maxi skirt at KAMERS/Makers - www.kamers.co.za

Eat designer cake

We can go on and on about how incredible these edible works of art are. There are few things more wonderful than a well made cake and certainly nothing better than a cake that’s been given a touch of the artsy as with LionHeart’s clever creations. This online bakery has us salivating over their Astronomica mini cake made with Swiss meringue buttercream frosting!


Look out for these makers at our Stellenbosch show 1-6 November 2016.

Photos: By Nanette, Flowers in the Foyer, CReations Fused Glass Jewellery, He Is Visual, LionHeart.



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