Live Music at KAMERS/Makers 2016 Stellenbosch

KAMERS/Makers is a celebration of everything authentic, local and original. At our Stellenbosch show, you’ll not only see this showcased in the design sphere, but also hear it in the sweet sounds coming from the kykNET stage. We have handpicked some of the finest local musicians to infuse the air with ambiance like only live local music can. Here’s the line-up…

Anura Vinyards Live Music Poster

Paige Mac – Saturday 5 November, 11:30

Paige Mac has been described as an undeniably talented musician, “a musical phenomenon waiting to happen.” ‘Emotively submissive,’ ‘fun’ and ‘raw talent’ are just three of the many ingredients that make Paige Mac the quintessential collective the world is fast embracing each time lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Paige Mac Mahon strikes a chord.

Throughout her career in the fertile music scene of Cape Town, Paige has been winning over the hearts and minds of music lovers in all forms. Her resonant voice has been described as “reminiscent of Adele” and her Alternative style of writing has been wholesomely accepted and gained her a firm and dedicated following.

Paige Mac has released two official studio EP’s, A Moment’s Nostalgia and Let The Right One’s In, both available on all major online stores.

She is also the voice behind our beautiful Summer 2016 kykNET TV commercial.

Paige Mac

Aidan Martin Duo – Saturday 5 November, 13:00

Aidan Martin has a peculiar command of the guitar: you’d think there is a ghost hand playing those melodious guitar parts over mad, intricate strumming. Self-taught, Aidan Martin has not let go of the same intensity with which he had first excelled as a young guitarist.

These days he is performing alongside veteran drummer Jorik Pienaar who gracefully showcases his talent on the 5-string Ukulele Bass while keeping his feet busy on the drum kit. The instruments create several layers of depth, where their energy produces soul-filled sounds, influenced by Deep South Blues together with West African Rhythms.

Get Together, the title track of their EP, is patient, slow-brewed and organic – it is a masterpiece where years of dedication and collaboration have come into fruition. This distinguishes Aidan Martin’s unique voice as a guitarist and songwriter. These songs are just a small sample of the span of the Duo’s talents and drive, carrying an uncompromising sense of substance and authenticity – something that makes the Aidan Martin Duo a truly unforgettable act on the Cape Town circuit.

Aidan Martin Duo

Tribal Echo – Saturday 5 November, 15:00

Tribal Echo is a celebrated band with a brand of music they call “KlipKopRock” (Stone-Head Rock). The band prides itself in their ability to put authentically South African stories into song.

The band has performed at most of the countries biggest festivals, and has crossed the waters to the Netherlands, to capture audiences with their captivating Afrikaans. Two albums have been released under the Tribal Echo banner: Grafte oppi Vlakte (Graves on the Plain) and Onner Afrika Son (Under African Sun).

Tribal Echo’s music is laced with African sounds from its Riel Rhythms to its Ghoema textures. Here is a band that is both proudly Afrikaans and proudly South African.

Tribal Echo

Manny Walters – Sunday 6 November, 11:30

Manny Walters is a distinct South African Singer-Songwriter with influences rooted deeply in folk, rhythm and blues, and soul.

“South African singer/songwriter Manny Walters may describe his sound as ‘electric rhythm & blues/garage soul,” but, whatever designation you choose to apply, one thing is clear – Manny Walters is imbued with an intuitive and instinctive musicality that is rare for its authenticity and gravitas. Influenced by greats such as Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Tracy Chapman, Bill Withers and Sly Stone, Walters delivers his socially conscious and intelligently poised lyricism with the kind of passionate, soulful intensity that is as timeless in its ambition as it is inspirational in its contemporary appeal. The grit-flecked, raw soul of his commanding voice profoundly resonates with an ability to captivate the listener.

Having just released his debut EP with Robert Scott (Bass) and Asher Gamedze (Drums), Walters is the kind of emerging artist who will readily find favor with those who desire music that appeals to the conscience just as easily as it satisfies the soul.”

Manny Walters

Gerald Clark & Luna Paige – Sunday 6 November, 13:00

Two legends in the Cape Town music scene have combined forces and created what has become known as The Lovemore Show.

Being friends for so many years, Luna Paige and Gerald Clark decided that collaborating might be a good idea. They did their first shows together in 2009 and found audience response incredible. Luna composed the song “Right kind of love” for the shows and invited Gerald to the studio to perform the song on her album Wonderful Life.

The original songs found themselves in the blues and country genres. The singers decided to include their own interpretations of famous country and blues tunes and duets, to keep things interesting. These included songs such as “Jackson” (Johnny Cash and June Carter), “Don’t mess up a good thing” (Ry Cooder) and much more.

Gerald Clark

luna-paige-image_kamers-makers-blogHezron Chetty – Sunday 6 November, 14:30

Hezron Chetty is a violinist and songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa. His style is fresh and his progressive approach to instrumental music has captured the attention of the music scene – local and abroad.

The Fallacy of Composition is Hezron’s studio album released in November 2015. Groundbreaking techniques on the violin have seen him share events with Viewe Farka Toure, Jocelyn Brown (Incognito) Raekwon (Wu Tang Clan), 340 ml, Dan Patlansky, Albert Frost, The Blackjacks, Roger Lucey, David Kramer, Finley Quaye, Madala Kunene, Stelth Ulvang (The Lumineers), Just Jinger and Arno Carstens.

Hezron Chetty

Don’t miss these incredible local acts at KAMERS/Makers Stellenbosch on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 November 2016.

Photos: Supplied.

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