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Burgundy Collective canvas and leather bags at KAMERS/Makers - www.kamers.co.za

What guy doesn’t like a product that’s been expertly crafted by local craftsmen and women? We take a look at several outstanding handmade products you have to visit at our Irene and Stellenbosch shows.

Handsome homeware

Whether you have a lad pad or family home, your interiors need to reflect the person you are. Start your interior mission with a visit to MIYU’s stall at the Stellenbosch show, where you’ll find quirky wire animal trophies to mount on your walls. Some even glow in the dark!


Swig at craft-distilled gin

There’s not much that can beat the refreshing effect of an expertly made gin and tonic, especially when the gin is made right here in South Africa.

We’ll be lucky enough to have the brand new Pienaar & Son craft distillery at our Stellenbosch show between 1 and 6 November and Time Anchor Distillery will be at the Irene show, 28 November to 4 December. Visit either to taste their locally distilled gin!

Pienaar and Son at KAMERS/Makers - www.kamers.co.za

Slide on eco-shades

Everyone needs to protect their eyes from the summer glare, so why not do it in eco-style, with sustainably made Ballo eyewear? Made from a combination of cardboard and wood offcuts, these cool accessories offer up more than just a fashion statement: they’ve got some eco street cred too.

Light up with wood

These quirky lamps offer a somewhat different take on your average side table light or bedside lamp with a base made from a large block of wood. Created by Beards & Banjos, they also come with cool pop culture designs painted on the side. Be sure to drop in at the Irene show to see these clever lamps.


Get on the road

Burgundy Collective’s leather bags will make you wish you had a trip lined up just so you can use one of them. From the all-hold traveller bag to a decent business satchel, there’s something to suit your every requirement. They’re built to last and make you look stylish all at the same time. You can check Burgundy Collective out at our Stellenbosch and Irene shows.

Burgundy Collective canvas and leather bags at KAMERS/Makers - www.kamers.co.za

Tame the wildness

“Looking manly should be effortless, but sometimes needs a helping hand.” So begins the description of this smart cosmetic product for men. Dubbed The Grizzly Beard Co, the brand offers a range of beard oils to maintain your facial hair, but also caters for those men who prefer taking a razor blade to their jowls more regularly with a spicy aftershave. Visit them at our Stellenbosch show.


Upcycle with style

Go for vintage and get yourself an upcycled bag made from canvas mail bags, army tents and other found materials by Lucy and Muffet. Each piece is one of a kind and definitely offers up the cool factor with that worn look adding a bit of suave style to the deal. Find them at our Stellenbosch show.

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Another notch in that belt

The secret to a decent fashion ensemble is to mix up the textures, and what better way to do that than to add a touch of cork that looks like leather to your outfit. Yes, you read correctly. That’s a belt made from cork, but which looks like leather. Leefi has created this rather outstanding accessory which you’ll need to see for yourself to believe at our Stellenbosch show.


Become a lumberjack

Well, not exactly. Let’s rather leave the wood chopping up to Houtkappers who do an extraordinary job of sculpting wood into all kinds of beautiful products, including wooden bowties and wooden beard combs. Check them out at our Stellenbosch show.

Houtkappers Beard Box at KAMERS/Makers - www.kamers.co.za

At Irene, you’ll find that Major John is the maker to go to if you’re after items carved from wood. His speciality is bowties which come complete with a piece of carefully chosen fabric sewn into the middle. Read more about Major John in this post.

Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good ! #S3 #TBT

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Add a touch of class

Foundri’s cast iron rings and cuff links are perfect for the man wanting to add a unique touch of class to his look. Featuring textures like wood grain, cuttlefish, coconut and leaves, you won’t find anything like this range elsewhere. Look for them at the Irene show, or brand new in the KAMERS Online Marketplace (they are running great online opening specials at the moment too!).

Foundri textured cast iron cuff links and wood grain rings for men at KAMERS/Makers Irene 2016 at shop.kamersvol.com

Climb into your pjs

There’s no feeling better than coming home after a long, hard day at work and climbing into your most comfortable pair of pyjamas. It’s this feeling that Woodstock Laundry seeks to invoke when you wear one of their creations – all handmade at their studio in Woodstock Cape Town. Take a look at their range of boxer shorts, pyjamas, gowns and even traditional sleep shirts at both the Stellenbosch and Irene shows.


Find out all you need to know about either our Stellensbosch or Irene shows by visiting our Events page.

Photos: Burgundy Collective, MIYU, @famkek, Beards & Banjos, The Grizzly Beard Co, Charl du Preez, Mies, Woodstock Laundry.

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