6 Reasons to Go Tropical this Summer

Gabrielle Swimwear at KAMERS?makers Stellenbosch 2016 - www.kamers.co.za

The warm weather means sandals and skirts, floppy sun hats and of course, a trendy pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from that summer glare. At KAMERS/Makers Stellenbosch, you’re also in for a fruity treat with a range of refreshing local products on offer. We take a look at some of the lush indulgences you’ll find:

Fruity Wine Popsicles

They were a hit at KAMERS/Makers Joburg and for good reason. The delectable Pierre Jourdan PJ Pops – frozen wine popsicles for grown-ups – will help to revive you amidst the warm weather predicted this week. Those looking for audacious effervescence should be sure to select the Cap Classique for a celebratory experience, while the Tranquille option – made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – is a veritable frozen fruit salad on a stick.


Designer Swimwear

When temperatures rise to Equatorial levels, it’s time to slip into that cool water stat. Don’t miss out on that refreshing dip simply because you’re ashamed of your out-of-date swimming trunks. Gabrielle Swimwear offers a wide variety of gorgeous designs for women – both full single piece and bikini – all with designs that are uniquely South African.


For men, there’s the incredible range by Temple of Reason all made using fabric designs by talented artists from Cape Town.

SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED – SUMMER 2016|17 COLLECTION #templeofreason #menswimwear #taradeaconillustration #cocktails #summerinct

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Frozen Dessert of Distinction

If ever there is something you absolutely have to indulge in on a hot summer’s day, then it’s a cup of Short and Curly’s designer ice cream. Made using a freeze plate that’s set to freeze things on contact, the end result is not only a work of art, but watching the process is like watching a piece of theatre!

Fresh Flower Fabulousness

There’s not much that can make a room feel cool and refreshing like a beautifully arranged vase bursting with radiant flowers. Okasie’s floral and decorative creations are inspiring to say the least, which is why everyone should make their way to the stall this week.


Do Tropical Yoga

Add colour to your yoga routine with vibrant Ali August leggings from Coconut Active. Using high quality fabric that’s able to withstand heavy use without fading or stretching, these are not only good looking and comfortable, but also the real deal.

Tutti-Frutti Calendar

Bring tropical cool into 2017 with a year planner lovingly designed by Sammy Sheppard. This talented young designer has a whole range of stationery with a tropical flavour, so be sure to take a look at her stall or get your 2017 diary in the KAMERS Online Marketplace.

Sammy Sheppard daily planner 2017 at shop.kamersvol.com

See you at KAMERS/Makers Stellenbosch, 1 – 6 November!

Photos: Pierre Jourdan PJ Pops, Gabrielle Swimwear, Okasie, Sammy Sheppard.

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