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Bofberg Flowers proteas at KAMERS/Makers 2016 - www.kamers.co.za

Celebrate your love of all things botanical with a variety of locally made goods all paying homage to this theme when KAMERS/Makers returns to Pretoria. From birdfeeders to gorgeous floral fashion items, there’s something botanical and lovingly handmade for everyone.

Super Sprout

They look like chocolate bars and to the green-thumbed among us, they’re just as appealing. These heirloom seeds grow straight from the slab, dramatically increasing the plants’ chances to flourish in your garden. They come with handy instructions on the wrapper and are a perfect stocking filler for the garden enthusiast.

Super Sprout heirloom seed bars at KAMERS/Makers 2016 - www.kamers.co.za

Like Literally

If space is tight and a sprawling kitchen garden only a pipe-dream, then this is jsut for you. Wallflowers are a great way to save space and still have those fresh herbs available for cordon bleu home cooking.

Like Literally hanging wallflower planters at KAMERS/Makers 2016 - www.kamers.co.za

Sunshine Crafts

Accessorise your garden with a range of handcrafted sculptures to add interest and personalise your greenery. We love their hand-carved soapstone birdies, each with their own personality.

Hand-carved soapstone birds at KAMERS/Makers 2016 - www.kamers.co.za

Twirlybird Feeders

More interested in real birds? These carefully designed bird feeders will encourage small wild birds back into your garden to eat in peace without having to compete with pushy pigeons.

Watch the video:


Inspired by all things botanical, this range sports large printed florals on scarves, bags, hats, kitchen towels and even umbrellas and raincoats. Shop Rosehip in the KAMERS Online Marketplace.


Liberty Bespoke

“I was inspired to create a range of bespoke stationery that has been designed as an expression of our natural environment. The end result is a crafted range reflecting a botanicals theme.” – Dagmar Palmer.

Find a range of gift cards, tags, journals, boxes, and wrapping paper all with botanical themes from Liberty Bespoke.


Runnymede Iris Farm

There really is nothing more wonderful than seeing these bulbs bloom at the end of a long, cold winter. It’s a scene reminiscent of a Van Gogh masterpiece. Find 150 different varieties of Bearded Irises at Runnymede’s stall. Plant a mix of varieties any time of the year and enjoy the rainbow of early spring gardens.


Bofberg Flowers

Love a protea? How about the fine leaves of a bit of fynbos? A large range of fynbos varieties carefully sources and cultivated by Bofberg Flowers makes for a beautiful sight at the entrance to any KAMERS/Makers show they take part in.

The Plant Trader and Bloom Floral Design

“Feed me Seymour!” demanded Audrey II in The Little Shop of Horrors. If you like the idea of rare and carnivorous plants and succulents, then be sure to pop past this stall. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for beautifully designed floral arrangements for an upcoming celebration, Bloom Floral Design will be the other half of this stall.


See you at KAMERS/Makers Irene, 28 November – 4 December!

Photos: Lauren Kim, Carike Ridout, Like Literally, Lotz of Love, Twirlybird Feeders, Rosehip, Runnymede Iris Farms, Bofberg Flowers, The Plant Traders, Liberty Bespoke.





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