Live Music at KAMERS/Makers 2017 Cape Town

It’s Cape Town’s turn to host KAMERS/Makers, and along with the excitement of all the incredible products to be discovered in The Castle, the air will be thick with the electrifying sounds of local musicians. Check out our live music line-up and make sure you’re there to bask in the ambiance.


Saturday 27 May

12:00, 13:00 – The Betsie Beers 

With clever harmonies and poetic catchy lyrics, this Capetonian sister duo blends elements of indie, folk and bluegrass, accompanied by their variety of instruments from banjo picking to fast guitar strumming and the sweet melancholia of the harmonica.

The fun way that The Betsie Beers engage with their crowd and each other on stage will make you feel right at home and have you singing and stomping your feet to their happy heartbreak songs.

14:00, 15:00 – Hezron Chetty

Here is an artist who carries in his art the peculiar inspiration of the Mother City while displaying a musical pallet refined by experience in different spheres of music around the world. Hezron Chetty is a violinist and songwriter, who, after spending many years travelling globally, has crafted a groundbreaking way of performing the violin. His mesh of styles include genres not usually associated with the violin such as Rock, Psychedelic and Afro all blended with Classical, Jazz and Folk Music.

A modern violinist, Hezron makes skillful use of a loop station and is backed by a drummer and bass player. The loop station allows him to layer string arrangements which repeat, allowing the drummer and bass player to drive the music rhythmically. Taking from great bands such as Muse, Led Zeppelin, the Doors and instrumental legends like Charlie Parker, Andrew Bird, Jimmy Page and Stephane Grappelli, Hezron has crafted a sound that is true, bold and unique to the current and ever changing landscape of music.

Sunday 28 May

11:00 – Yellow House

Yellow House is the recording project of Cape Town based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Emile van Dango. After years of venturing through the endless genre waves which flood the frantic Cape Town music scene, yet never quite feeling at home, Emile instead opted to dream up his own unique universe.

Yellow House serves as the embodiment of all that Emile could sink his teeth into during his formative years as a young songwriter and producer. Having spent a couple years honing his craft as a folk musician, Yellow House carves out a broader space, a home of artistic experimentation and endless possibility. A haven which currently exists as the headquarters for Emile’s new Dream Pop/Psychedelic Soul visions.

12:00 – Heroine

Last on the roster, Herione will also provide some smooth sounds for you to enjoy on Sunday at KAMERS/Makers Cape Town. Enjoy a teaser below.

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