Celebrating Strong & Diverse Women: Connie Cebekulu, Business Owner

We continue our series of stories from inspiring women, as we celebrate Women’s Day this week. Connie Cebekulu, business owner at Jabu’s Frames, shares the impact being a business woman has had on her life:

Being a business woman and having a family to take care of at the end of each business day… it’s not so easy. But as women we are strong. We multitask in every challenge.

Focusing on the business or even just running it isn’t easy either, but as time goes by you grow a thick skin, you grow in understanding and your knowledge of the business sector expands as well. The experience of being a business woman has taught me so much… in business as well as in general life.

I wish to encourage young women to take opportunities to start their own business… for the experience, independence and to boost our South African economy.

Look out for Connie at KAMERS/Makers Irene, 4-10 November in Pretoria.

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Photos: Tracey KelseyCarike Ridout, Jabu’s Frames

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