Celebrating Strong & Diverse Women: Christine Buchanan, Business Owner

Christine & Louiza from Oh-lief body products - KAMERS/Makers

In the next of our inspiring Women’s Day stories, Christine Buchanan, who co-founded Oh-lief along with her sister, Louiza Rademan, shares her keys to being a successful woman in the business world:

For me being a woman means being independent, capable and strong.

Being Independent: As an entrepreneur independence can sometimes be difficult to achieve, as you are travelling an unknown road and opportunities and projects don’t always go as planned. But these exact “failures” teach you the skills to become more independent and this makes you capable.

Being Capable: Women are extremely resilient and capable of most things. We are born multitaskers. I believe women in business who are moms as well can handle almost any situation.

Christine Buchanan from Oh-lief body products - KAMERS/Makers

Being strong: Your roots and family networks make you strong, being strong makes you confident and with confidence, capability comes more easily and you will achieve independence.

As a woman and mother in business, if you can master those three traits you can achieve most things you set your mind on.

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