Talking Piloxing with Tania Ndlovu at KAMERS/Makers Stellenbosch

It’s dancing… it’s boxing… it’s pilates – all in one amazing mix. KAMERS/Makers co-owner and COO, Magdel Kemp, discovered Piloxing in the small Boland town of Wellington when she met Tania Ndlovu. Piloxing has so transformed these women that they are now teaming up to bring it to KAMERS/Makers Stellenbosch on Friday 3 November.

Magdel interviewed Tania about their favourite fitness program:

Tell us about yourself?

“I am 41 years old, I have three boys aged 12, 8 and 4 years. I moved to Wellington in January 2014 and am a wedding/event planner by profession. In 2012 I became a Zumba Instructor after joining Curves to loose weight and have not looked back.”

How did you get into Piloxing?

“One of the Zumba instructors found this new fitness craze called Piloxing that hit the US and the UK and wanted to bring it to South Africa. He arranged training in Cape Town and it all just fell into place. I was licensed to teach Piloxing in 2014, two years to the day after becoming a Zumba instructor! Now in my 40’s I am fitter, leaner, stronger than I have ever been.

“The idea of boxing and pilates spoke to the ballet dancer in me – being powerful while boxing and then graceful during the pilates parts of the class.”

Why is this such a popular fitness movement?

“It is such a popular fitness movement because it is the unconventional trailblazer redefining fitness. Piloxing empowers bodies and minds. It champions professionals to realize their full potential as leaders so they can inspire others to health and there are several benefits to this workout – you can burn up to 1200 calories per hour; improve cardiovascular ability; strengthen and lengthen muscles, improve balance and posture.”

What does physical challenges mean to women and why is this important?

“I think too many times women are put in a box with certain roles they need to fill, like mother or caregiver, but I have found that challenging myself physically is important for my mental health and it simply makes me a much nicer person. So with this fitness program I not only challenge myself and my clients physically, but I am also creating a mental balance. As women, we need to realize and embrace that we can do anything and we are our own worst enemies. So many times I have clients come in and say they can’t because it is too difficult without even trying. It is so important to grab it with both hands and just go for it. Our mental health and physical being depends on it.”

Tell us about your Master Trainer status; will this open more doors for you?

“My mentor, Colette van Dyk, who is based in the US is the first South African Master Trainer. I will be the first Master Trainer based in South Africa. The title of Master Trainer means that I am responsible for training other potential instructors, giving them support in their classes and assisting them with building the brand and gaining more members. It will open doors, as a Master Trainer is able to promote and grow the brand.”

And what does it mean for South Africa?

“Hopefully this means that now mainstream SA will finally know about this amazing fitness program. We will have more instructors, making us more visible in the fitness arena. My aim as Master Trainer in SA is to build a great team of incredible instructors to service the Western Cape and to show our passion.”

Under Tania’s leadership Magdel has just qualified as a Piloxing trainer. Join them this Friday at KAMERS/Makers Stellenbosch for a fun warm-up before all that shopping!

Date & Time: Fri, 3 Nov | 08:00 – 08:50 | Anura Restaurant

Tickets: R125 pp at www.plankton.mobi or at the door.
Includes entrance to KAMERS/Makers, a limited edition KAMERS/Makers bag with a new magazine AND a killer coffee! All you need is your water bottle, towel… and lots of energy.

Tania & co LIVE on Expresso Show for KAMERS/Makers:

Photos: Supplied

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