5 KAMERS/Makers Who Upcycle

There’s a deep charm to an object that’s been given a new life. What was thought of as junk by one person has been given a second chance by someone with creativity and optimism. It’s a sentiment that often translates into the upcycled piece in question: its worn details might suggest overuse, but also offer up feelings of hope.

Upcycled pieces embody the principles of the sustainability movement: to reduce, re-use and recycle.

We take a look at 5 KAMERS/Makers who are upcycling amazing things on show at KAMERS/Makers Joburg 25-29 April:


When you see an old skateboard plank, it’s not unreasonable to think that it’s destined for the fireplace, but firewood is not the only thing you can do with an old skate deck. It turns out that they make rather trendy sunglass frames too! The process isn’t a simple one, in fact, there are several painstaking steps required to get the wood ready to become frames, but Dave has nailed it and is now even making impressive lampshades from it too.

Lining up some more combis for @kamersvol #kamers2018

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Lucy and Muffet

Get ready to be totally enchanted when you step into this gorgeous stand filled with beautiful bags made from old army tents, US Mail bags, old jackets and much more. Each piece demonstrates care and love, as well as Nazeem’s natural eye for vintage materials that offer strong and fashionable accessories.

Our amazing #lucyandmuffet bags @kamersvol till this weekend.

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Glen Adendorff

Inspired by public spaces, artist Glen Adendorff has created a men’s jewellery collection that incorporates unusual materials you might not otherwise see used in accessories. Rubber and carbon fibre are some of these materials incorporated into his pieces with sterling silver and other precious metals.

Jabu Frames

From old metal pressed ceilings and skirting wood comes an incredible array of photo frames, coasters, placemats, wine racks, synthetic garden flowers, chest of drawers, coat hooks and other pieces. And all are 100% handmade, reflecting life in South Africa.

Jabu's Frames at KAMERS/Makers Jabu's Frames at KAMERS/Makers


What happens when a wine farm can no longer use an oak barrel? Instead of becoming another piece of scrap wood, Kiewiet dismantles it, treats it and repurposes it as various pieces for the home. Perhaps a cutting board or a crate, a lovers’ bench or a coffee table – the possibilities are only limited by his imagination.

Find these amazing KAMERS/Makers at St David’s Marist Inanda in Sandton, Joburg from 25-29 April. Get all the details here.

Photos: Fiona Joy, sk8shades, Lucy & Muffet, Glen Adendorff, Carike Ridout, Kiewiet

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