Meet the Maker: Unsheep

Browsing between isles overflowing with creativity at KAMERS/Makers, someone, slightly unusual some might say, will catch your eye. A harmonic mix of simplicity and attention to detail is what Unsheep is known for.

Why ‘Unsheep’?

‘A metaphor wrapped in an analogy, wrapped in a figure of speech. Or a person, creature, or thinking being who is not a sheep. One who chooses the road less travelled. One who understands that less is more. One who values time. One who speaks their mind. One who understands quality over quantity. One who respects function over form. One who trusts their instincts. One who refuses to blindly follow. One who is not a sheep.’

Unsheep was brought to life when Anine Fismer went back to basics after 12 years of being a digital designer between Cape Town and London. While being surrounded by a digital world, Anine still had a desire to experiment with textures and mediums. She decided to combine this desire with her experience of the digital world and start Unsheep.

Many things inspire Anine but most of all she writes, “The quest for inspiration, inspires me.”

A loud conversation in the design world is currently about minimalism – it’s value, purpose and meaning. Anine strongly believes in keeping designs simple and true to themselves without overcomplicating things.

Unsheep has a variety of products on show, many of which feature animals – the bear, octopus and tiger. Unsheep offers top of the range stationary and simplistic desk accessories. In her designs, Anine chooses to incorporate specific animals which live solitary lives and do not flock or herd. Shop cards, tea towels and tote bags with these screen printed designs at her KAMERS/Makers stand. They have ‘superpowers’ and are strong independent animals, living a simplistic life. One might even think they adopted the Unsheep way-of-life.

When talking about trends, Unsheep is its own trend. Anine’s favorite current artist is Henn Kim who explores a fusion between Surrealism and Beardsley’s work. Unsheep is unique in every aspect. The combination of intricate designs paired with fresh packaging. The brand itself is uncharted territory that Anine dared to unveil.

Find Unsheep at the KAMERS/Makers 2019 Cape Town show from 16 – 19 March at Jan Van Riebeeck High School, as well as at the KAMERS/Makers Joburg Autumn show from 26 April – 1 May at St David’s Marist Inanda.

Photos:Unsheep, Fiona Joy

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