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As promoters of large public events around the country, we’re on a mission to reduce the environmental footprint of our events. KAMERS/Makers strives to be one of South Africa’s most sustainable retailers. We are committed to eliminating single-use plastic at our shows. We are aware of the thousands of products that are sold at every show, which is why we see it as our duty to ensure that these products are of the highest quality. In an era filled with disposable goods, we strive to offer a sustainable shopping experience – from the products to our ethos and all the way through to the shopping environment you experience at a KAMERS/Makers show.

Our goal for 2019 is to progress towards being a 100% sustainable company. Our Makers help us do just that in many creative ways.

Earthbound Succulent Design

Earthbound Succulent Design is about consciously created design at different levels. It is a conscious journey informed by nature’s organic forms and processes, and is based on being “earthbound”: a commitment to make sustainable beauty with minimal waste. They create jaw-dropping giant hanging succulent balls, living wreaths and shells filled with plants. Inspiration for the designs comes from nature itself – nature’s astonishing diversity, rhythm in the form of seasons, and endless forms, colours and textures. Nature’s ability to renew itself through growth inspires our creativity, and awareness of the gift that is life itself. It is about taking responsibility and living consciously.


KURO-Bō exists to provide anyone and everyone globally with the opportunity to keep healthy and hydrated, affordably, and in a portable, uncomplicated and scientifically-proven way, wherever and whenever. All this while also changing the way people perceive their consumption of single-use plastic. A brand for the people, and the planet.

They produce the only scientifically proven 100% plastic-free, recyclable, natural and sustainable water purifier made of 100% activated charcoal in Africa today. In a world so full of complexity, noise (in all senses), mess, technology and confusion, they created the look and feel of KURO-Bo, and the products, to bring people a simple, uncomplicated, authentic and transparent place to go to get healthy water for themselves and their families.

Eco-Punk Clothing

Eco-punk‘s ranges are designed with the outdoor, busy and barefoot South African child in mind. Their designs allow movement and comfort as they believe children need to play and not be restricted by complicated fashion.

Eco-punk’s ethos is to provide sustainable fashion, using the highest quality of cloth, mainly cotton and viscose, that wash and wear well. Owner and designer Anke writes about her inspiration, “My pin cushion in the garden exploded with yellow flowers and that year I brought yellow into our Summer range!” The inspiration from nature is easy, it just happens without being forceful.

MTK Birdhouses

MTK Birdhouses are built completely out of recycled and foraged materials.

Made from scrap wood and fruit pallets, combined with inspiration from nature – interesting twigs, pine cones and branches. All birdhouses and feeders are unique, often inspired by real places and homes. A work of art inspired by nature, attracting nature.

‘I think my birdhouses and feeders are wonderful examples of sustainability, making use of what others might see as waste and rubbish that I can turn into beautiful pieces to place in your garden.’ Writes Ndebele.

Healthway Natural Products

Calcium Montmorillonite (CM): these two words form the heart of Healthway Natural Products. CM is an ethical and purely organic ingredient from South African soil. Healthway is constantly inspired by nature and all the goodness it gives them. Without realising it, we have exactly what we need to be healthy thriving individuals, available in nature.

When activated with water, CM has the ability to draw 30x its own weight in impurities out of the skin. Helathway uses it for face masks, body wraps and for treating skin conditions such as eczema, pimples and even psoriasis.

In addition, they have kept their products free from chemical preservatives and perfumes, while also introducing biodegradable pouches and glass. Encouraging customers to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

Sustainable Water with Consol Glass

To help reduce the environmental footprint of our events, we’ve partnered with Consol Glass to provide a FREE (and very funky!) Consol Curvy water bottle to every KAMERS/Makers visitor. What’s more, you can refill your Consol Curvy as often you like from the purified water dispensers at the show, so everyone can stay hydrated without the need for single-use plastic water bottles. Consol’s passion for glass and commitment to environmental sustainability has inspired this initiative – and it proves that the best things really do come in glass.


Be sure to catch these Makers and many more at our upcoming shows:

KAMERS / Makers 2019 Cape Town: 16 – 19 March at Jan van Riebeeck High School

KAMERS / Makers 2019 Joburg: 26 April – 1 May at St David’s Marist Inanda

Photos: Healthway Natural Products, Linda van Dyk, Earthbound Succulent Design, KURO-Bō, Eco-Punk, Charl du Preez, Bluewater

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