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We are extremely proud that KAMERS/Makers has grown into a family event. With bigger shows we can select more Makers which enables a larger variety of products at our shows. We strive to bring you a fresh selection at every show by expanding our Makers list. We cater for everyone – even your pets!

We’ve put together a funky selection of Makers who have completely different target markets and are all part of the KAMERS family, to illustrate the diversity that you can find at our shows.

Find these creatives and many more at our KAMERS/Makers 2019 Autumn show in Sandton, Joburg at St David’s Marist Inanda from 26 April – 01 May.

Dorus Mohr

Dorus Mohr showcases pure talent in handcrafted, exquisitely tactile gems using specially selected fabrics in a variety of jewellery pieces – earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Each range includes monochromatic jewel-toned silks and limited edition prints – each with it’s own story. The current Floride selection features silks by Weston. These silks are printed in Italy, where each image is brought to life Before the jewellery pieces are individually crafted in South Africa.


The newest addition to the KAMERS/Makers family are the masters of pet accessories – Chommies. Bespoke, handcrafted accessories for both you and your pet friend can now be found at our shows! A variety of fashionable leashes, collars and baskets are crafted by members of the community. These accessories are a must-have as they are of the highest quality and trendy all at once.


Kikoy-za is a versatile gift for the whole family. Its uses vary from beach towel and sarong to picnic blankets or table cloths. It can even be used as a fashion accessory, doubling up as a wrap or scarf. Each kikoy is hand-woven and made from 100% cotton, backed with a thin absorbent towel on the reverse side. The variety of colours ensure it to be the perfect gift for anyone in the family.

Also find Kikoy-za in the KAMERS Online Marketplace.

HIS Apparel

HIS Apparel provides the perfect gift for a father, brother, son or husband. All shirts, ties, pocket squares and bow ties are manufactured using the highest quality fabrics and most exquisite prints. After an extensive testing period, HIS Apparel has found the perfect fitting shirt and offers this in many different unique fabrics. The extraverted yet stylish patterns ensure your outfit to be a stand out. If you’re looking for a gift for the man in your life, look no further, HIS Apparel has you sorted.

dor+kie objects

dor+kie objects is the perfect unconventional accessory to add some flare to your day-to-day outfit. A simbiotic relationship between jewellery- and industrial design brought dor+kie to life. The jewellery pieces are wooden sculptures but still light and elegant to wear. Nature as inspiration is evident in the range of “objects” with all the earthy and wooden tones.

Also find dor+kie objects in the KAMERS Online Marketplace.

Brothers & Son

There is no doubt that a leather bag is a must have and something you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Brothers & Son craft the perfect companion through their unique leather creations which will accompany you on many journeys. Brothers & Son finds inspiration through nature and travelling, hoping their products will inspire you to find that inspiration too. Use one of the leather satchels and explore with friends and family. The bags can be used as everyday bags or for hiking, adventuring or working. Find your inner explorer with a Brothers & Son bag.

Photos: Doris Mohr, Lana Kenney, Kikoy-za, HIS Apparel, dor+kie objects, Brothers & Son.

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