Trend Alert: Mommy & Me

We’ve seen it on the runway, we’ve seen it in the streets – the ‘Mommy & Me’ trend is back and even bigger. With fashion powerhouses such as Gucci and Dolce & Gabana setting the scene for this new and creative trend, the world has reacted with an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response. Debates have even started about whether the trend is ‘cute or creepy’ – we definitely think it is a very cute trend! We’ve seen an influx of fashion brands create and interpret this trend to suit their style.

Photos: Dolce & Gabana ‘Like Mother Like Daughter: Party Time’

At KAMERS/Makers we have a few Makers who have crafted their very own ‘Mommy & Me’ range for fashion-forward moms. We’ve selected a few Mommy & Me moments too cute to pass up!


Nanas babywear was started with the goal of empowering older women. The brand focuses on the creation of honest and dependable products while helping grannies that have low or no income. The aim is to make old fashioned knitwear trendy again. Each granny knits and sews every garment with immense care and love. Each product is made with quality materials so that the items can become a special heirloom passed on through generations.

Nanas feels that the ‘Mommy & Me’ trend is very special when done right and not too overpowering. The brand’s favourite, iconic cardigan now features in their Mommy & Me range. The cream cardigan is called Storyteller, suiting the product perfectly, as that is exactly what they want to accomplish. The beautiful knitted piece tells a story of generations. A granny (although not your own) knits the garments for you and your little one with so much love, just as it was done in the old days.
“We want to bring that old nostalgic fashion back and pass it on from generation to generation.”
The reason why Nanas incorporated the ‘Mommy & Me’ range was to ensure not only the little ones have the privilege to wear a granny-made item. Good news is they will be launching their next summer ‘Mommy & Me’ item soon!

Pintuck Resort

Pintuck Resort’s simple concept is to create gorgeous original prints, then pair them with a select range of swimsuit designs. As Pintuck is led by women, they pride themselves in creating swimsuits that are flattering to most women’s bodies. This then allows the women themselves to play. Customers can pair the pattern they love with the suit that complements their body-type.

Pintuck Resort decided to launch their ‘Mommy & Me cozzie’ range last season after many enquiries from customers. Now they have a new range to choose from where mom and daughter can match.

Pintuck also offers a bespoke service to choose a swimsuit and print for you and your “mini me” which will then be made just for you. This can be done via their website – the first service like it!

Just in time for summer, Pintuck Resort will have their bespoke swimsuits at the KAMERS/Makers shows so you can ensure you and your mini-me are right on trend during the summer holidays.

Layzzz Dayzzz

Layzzzee Dayzzz offers pure cotton pyjamas for the whole family – taking the mommy & me trend to the next level with your whole family being able to mix & match. Lazzzee Days ensures that you look stylish and are comfortable, even on your laziest days spent at home with the family. With matching sets for mothers & daughters as well as fathers & kiddies, the whole family can spend their downtime together. Their sleepwear sets are available in various prints, meaning you can ensemble your whole family’s pyjamas wardrobe!

Stay on trend and find a variety of ‘Mommy & Me’ ranges at our next KAMERS/Makers shows:

KAMERS/Makers 2019 Stellenbosch 29 October to 3 November at Blaauwklippen Vineyards

KAMERS/Makers 2019 Irene, Pretoria 3 – 8 December at Cornwall Hill College

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