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KAMERS/Makers provides the perfect one-stop-shop for gifts and presents for yourself and others. With the festive season around the corner, we’ve identified some fantastic new gift options for your loved ones. Good news is that DIY kits are not only for children anymore! Our Makers offer a variety of DIY kits for the whole family to have fun, get creative and start crafting together.


Zana is a textile-based brand creating fun and interesting items to decorate your life with. Zana products are sure to add some joy to your home with their funky prints and colours. Zana’s current range includes two DIY kits for the whole family – both adult and child friendly.

The DIY Mini Weaving kit allows you to create your own unique mini woven wall hanging using the looms, strings and wool provided. Your weaving kit comes with a variety of different coloured threads and textiles to ensure you can craft exactly what you want. Combine a pallet of neutral colours which are ideal for the minimalist or alternatively mix together some bright and playful colours to spice up a wall space.

The DIY Mini screen printing kit is as user-friendly as it sounds. With a step by step manual and all the essential items included, even the children can get creative and design their own T-shirts, pillowcases, tea towels.. the list is endless. This is the perfect way to personalise an item of choice or create a personal gift for someone special.

Fox & Moon

Fox & Moon is all about creating innovative and modern baby and toddler goods. Their DIY Paper Flower Kits offer hours of affordable entertainment for kids of all ages. You can choose from a variety of different colours and flower types and customize your walls just as you wish. All you need is some glue or tape to stick your flower creations to your surface of choice. The large variety of colours and flower types make it suitable for anyone and for decorating any space.

Pull the Wool

Pull the Wool is focused on connecting an age-old craft to the tactile and physical. Connecting to both people and tradition. Their DIY Knit kits are aimed to take you out of the digital world and reconnect you back into the tactile. Today’s world is overrun by digital media and we often forget the feeling of pride and satisfaction from physically struggling and creating something beautiful and functional. Pull the Wool wants to bring this feeling of accomplishment into the modern, urban world. The DIY Knit Kits are designed to encourage bravery and exploration by making the old-fashioned craft attractive and easy-to-use. Each kit includes luxury merino Woolly Mammoth Yarn, pattern booklets, hand-turned wooden knitting needles and sewing needles. No other tools needed and no compromising on the quality of the tools either.

Harck & Heart

Harck & Heart specialise in German gingerbread creations, otherwise known as Lebkuchen. These beautifully packaged (100% recyclable) gingerbread biscuits make the ideal gift or indulgent treat for yourself or a friend. All products are handmade and only the best quality ingredients are used. To top it off, Gisela, founder of Harck & Heart, uses her grandmothers secret family recipe which has been passed down through generations to bake these special biscuits. Included in their festive season range are a few different DIY kits to ensure even more family fun over the holidays.

The DIY Gingerbread House Kit will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. Instead of selling ready-made gingerbread houses, Gisela realised the fun in creating and personalising your own. These DIY gingerbread house kits are the first in South Africa with many families purchasing them every year as a family tradition.

Included in the gingerbread house kits are top-quality ingredients, decorations and an easy to follow instruction booklet. Ideal for families who enjoy some family bonding (and entertainment!) during the festive season.

The DIY Santa Biscuit Kit is a great idea for an easy and quirky gift for the kiddies. Create your own individual biscuit and personalise Santa’s face on them – quick and easy and heaps of fun.

The DIY Family Kit includes 4 biscuits to decorate and two tubs of icing and packets of sweets which is ideal to get all the children involved – plus extra snacking on sweets guaranteed!

Blankets from Africa

Blankets from Africa provides women in the karoo with the means to create a product out of natural wool sheared from the very sheep which surround them. The provision of a simple pattern, needles and pure wool is the catalyst for them to generate an income, enjoy a community spirit of working in a group and experience feelings of achievement and of being valued.

Blankets from Africa offers a DIY home knit kit including everything you need to start knitting your own version of their Eco Cotton Lace-edge cot blanket. You can choose from a variety of colours making it a suitable kit for anyone in the family. You get a circular needle, pattern and 12 balls of Eco Cotton yarn to knit the blanket. Also a special gift idea for expecting families! It adds the personalised and thoughtful touch to an essential baby gift.

Alter Collection

When you choose to purchase something from Alter Collection’s DIY Leather Maker range, you consciously choose to stop, exhale, learn something new and overcome the fear of the unknown. Intrinsically linked to creativity is the ability to risk, dream and to imagine that which is not yet known. Alter offers ready made products which are hand stitched by survivors of human trafficking in collaboration with Hope Risen Foundation. The DIY leather kits come complete with pre-cut leather, needles, threads, buttons and instructions for your specific product. Even the holes in the leather sheets are already punched. Just follow the step by step instructions and you are ready to go. These leather kits are sure to make a special gift to be cherished by the recipient-turned-maker.

Meet some of these and many other talented Makers at our last show of the year – KAMERS/Makers Irene, from 3-8 December at Cornwall Hill College in Pretoria. Be sure to look out for these fun DIY kits and try your hand at being a KAMERS Maker this summer holiday.

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