KAMERS/Makers Still Coming to Cape Town in an Exciting New Way

We all woke up to a suddenly different world on Monday morning. A world that we, here on the tip of Africa, could not have imagined just a few months ago.

Yes, it is scary. Yes, it is daunting – especially for those of us who depend on the live event platform for our livelihoods. At KAMERS/Makers, we feel this especially keenly – given that so many small artisan entrepreneurs rely on our shows for a big chunk of their income.

Sadly, our Cape Town show, scheduled for March 26-29, had to be postponed. But life – and livelihoods – must go on. And so, we are fighting back… taking our Cape Town show online… and adding a load of extras that only the digital space allows!

This ‘LIVE’ online KAMERS/Makers will run just like our show – starting at 09h00 on March 26th and running through till 17h00 on Sunday 29th. It will feature all your favourite Makers, plus dozens of brand new, ‘coolest stuff you’ve never seen’ products. And because it’s digital we can add a load more guest Makers from all over SA – plus daily specials, amazing Mystery Maker give-aways (a whopping R20,000’s worth!). What’s more…

  • No parking hassles
  • No need for make-up, ladies
  • Shop in your pyjamas if you will!

And while you won’t get your KAMERS shopper bag with free mag and Consol Curvy bottle yet, you can shop till you drop without having to schlep it all home. And we will be sending every online purchase of R500 or more a FREE entry ticket to any KAMERS/Makers 2020 show countrywide.

This is a first for KAMERS and for the hundreds of creative Makers we host, not to mention the thousands who they directly and indirectly employ. But we need public support! So…

  • visit kamers.co.za
  • browse the hundreds of amazing, proudly South African products listed
  • grab yourself some killer special offers
  • shop… shop… shop!

You’ll be helping so many people, in so many ways.

A final word:

We will come through this challenge. It is we – not Covid-19 – who hold the power. Scientists in half a dozen countries are already announcing various vaccines, plasmas, treatments that are showing efficacy against the virus. Remember, Covid-19 cannot spread itself, we spread it. And so, we can stop spreading it – we simply have to modify our everyday behaviour. Without our unwitting help, Covid-19 can not spread.

Stay calm, stay united – together we will get through this challenge. It will test us to the max. But it can also bring us together like nothing before.

Contact shop@kamersvol.com for any queries, or simply visit kamers.co.za and start shopping.

Photos: Lady & Wind Photography, Fiona Joy Photography

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