• Applications are only accepted online via our website.
  • We run two application rounds per year – one for Autumn/Winter (shows in the first half of the year) and one for Spring/Summer (shows in the second half of the year).
  • Applications for the Spring/Summer shows of the year open in February of that year. Applications for the Autumn/Winter shows open in August for the first shows of the next year.
  • Our application process runs through our creative team and takes time, lots of consideration and looking at previous statistics, so please be patient.
  • Please remember that we support locally made products only and not direct imports.

The process in short:

  1. Applications open for 6 weeks
  2. Make sure you receive an automatic confirmation that your application was submitted correctly
  3. Once applications close, the creative team starts to work through it, this takes about a month
  4. The first round of selections is based on the info given through your application form and the photos you submitted
  5. All applicants are contacted via email as to their application status
  6. Viewings details are sent to applicants who made it through to the second round
  7. Your second round status will be communicated via email. If you are not initially accepted, you will automatically be placed on the waiting list.
  8. Selections are show-specific

For more details, read our General Applications Info Document.

Applications for the Autum/Winter shows of 2022 has closed.  

Applications for the second half of 2022 will open in February 2022.


  • How can I be sure that my application was received by KAMERS/Makers?
    If your application was submitted correctly, you will receive an automated email as confirmation. Please save this mail for future reference and read through it as it might contain some important info.
  • I can’t seem to get the application to submit, what now?
    Please note that poor internet connections and site traffic will affect this, please retry later.
  • When will I hear from KAMERS/Makers?
    Please see info above
  • If I am accepted for one show, does that mean I automatically go through to the next season?
    No, unfortunately not – you have to submit an application for each of the application runs.
  • Where do I find out when/where the next show is?
    Please see our Shows page for more info.
  • I made a mistake on my application, how can I correct it?
    Please email applications@kamersvol.com with the changes, it will then be made on your behalf. Please do not submit another application.
  • How do I sell online through KAMERS/Makers?
    Find out more or contact shop@kamersvol.com.