KAMERS/Makers SPACE V&A Waterfront

Our V&A pop-up KM SPACE is ‘popping down’ soon – don’t miss out!!

Our stunning KAMERS/Makers SPACE, next to Exclusive Books in the V&A’s Victoria Wharf Mall, will be closing on October 18th. Don’t miss these last days and check out this vibrant mix of proudly local Makers on sale – another vital step in rebuilding our SME economy. What is KAMERS/Makers Space? Read all about it here.

You’ll find a beautifully curated shopping experience, featuring over 6000 unique Maker wares – winter fashion, handcrafted decor, tasty deli goods, post-lockdown specials and more – all in one amazing space!

And if you can’t get to a KM SPACE, here’s the good news: 
over 9,000 stunning products and exciting special offers are available 24/7… 
online at www.kamers.co.za.

Shop Details

Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre
Shop 6147 (previously known as ‘Out of this World’) between Woolworths & Exclusive Books
19 Dock Rd, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001
9:00-18:00 daily
Free entry


For your safety and convenience, KAMERS/Makers operates completely cashless. All credit and debit cards and Snapscan accepted.


Expect a constantly changing selection of products from 40+ MAKERS, each handpicked for their exceptional craftsmanship to make your KAMERS/Makers experience unforgettable.

Andre Du Toit Ceramics
Beads and Wire Connection
Billy Now
Bummel Shoes
Campbell Armoury Leather
Cape of Storms Apothecary
Dan Fuller Jewellery
Dor + Kie Objects
Dorus Mhor

DOT Clothing
Earth + Cast
Famke Jewellery
Floral Design by Jomeri Mouton
Gepetto – Life in Wood
Hannah Lavery
Imibongo kaMakhulu Dolls
Jacaranda World Wooden Carvings
Kare Bags

Popinjay Studio
Romance Design
Rural Love Classics
Sexy Socks
Sonja von Mellenthin
The Tretchikoff Project
Toys R Here
Twig and Fi

Shop some of our favourite finds from KM Spaces online